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Teaching with Primary Sources

Maryland Standards

The Integrating Library of Congress Primary Resources into High School Social Studies Lesson Plans course is developed in alignment with Maryland State Standards. Each module readily identifies and reviews teaching strategies that address specific Library of Congress primary source assets by walking instructors through selected resources and demonstrating strategic adaptations to benefit all students, with particular focus on those students whose home language is not English. Taken individually or together, each module provides the teacher with an ‘out-of-the-box’, ready to use standards-aligned lesson that will fully engage every student. 

This project is sponsored in part by the Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources Eastern Region Program, coordinated by Waynesburg University.

Explore the Library of Congress Teachers Program for more resources and information.

Module 1

U.S. Symbolism : Frontloading Essential Vocabulary

Module 2

Primary Source Image Analysis with Language Learning Supports

Module 3

Vocabulary to Image Analysis Statements

Module 4

Scaffolded Close Reading of Primary Source Documents

Module 5

Close Reading with Language
Learning Scaffold